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Calling Non-Profit Organizations

Programs now in their seventh year builds new audiences for the Festival while providing a fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations.

PROVIDENCE, RI (Summer 2009) - With stories abounding about the harsh realities facing non-profit organizations from demands for mergers to cutbacks in services,

the non-profit Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF), has an unusual twist to the current sponsorship environment: It is not asking for money, but giving it away.


This year, two special programs will be offered to support non-profits in Rhode Island: The 2009 RIIFF Community Outreach Program and the Adopt-a-Film Initiative. These were created with the idea that film offers new perspectives and possibilities for an everchanging world.


For the seventh year RIIFF has created --and this year, has expanded-- a unique opportunity for other non-profits to raise funds through its annual Festival, August 4-9, 2009. Called the RIIFF “Adopt-a-Film” Initiative, the programs allows non-profit organizations access to film festival tickets that they can sell to their own audience and keep the money!


This is not a typo: These deserving non-profits can then keep all revenues generated for their critical and underfunded programs.

“In these mercurial times, ongoing financial difficulty seems to have become the norm. From increased credit limitations to funding cutbacks, everyone is affected. We feel it’s our obligation to the community we serve--and to our peer--to be proactive by opening our doors and challenging existing funding approaches,” said RIIFF Executive Director, George T. Marshall. “While we certainly welcome any and all financial support to run our event, we know that we also have something which could benefit others--a plethora of film screenings and programming blocks.”

This year, RIIFF will screen over 175 films in multiple locations in the city of Providence as well as throughout the state of Rhode Island. Large numbers of filmmakers are expected to be in attendance. Last year, over 326 filmmakers registered at the RIIFF office. This year that number is expected to grow even more since over 3,000 film entries from across the globe are anticipated to be entered into the Festival.


Program Backstory:

Each year the Festival partners with over 40 non-profit organizations in Rhode Island from various sectors including the arts, human and health services, the environment, education, kid’s causes and alumni organizations.


“Non-profits are always at risk regarding funding, particularly in the present economy” said George T. Marshall, RIIFF’s Executive Director/CEO. “Our intent with this program is to not only reach out to regional non-profits and build synergy, but also issue a challenge to other non-profits to cross-promote and support one another in a similar fashion.


“We see this as a win-win situation,” continued Marshall. “RIIFF builds an audience for our visiting filmmakers and ensures that all seats are filled while partner nonprofits gain recognition and raise needed money.


“We have found, and it is at the core of our mission, that collaboration yields not only positive results, but makes for a better community for everyone.”


The Benefits:

The RIIFF Community Outreach Program has one purpose: provide tickets to the Festival’s high profile Opening Night Festivities, which this year will again occur at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC), and help other members of the non-profit community.


According to Marshall, “In tangible terms, a RIIFF donation of 50 seats at our opening night event would yield $1000 for the partner non-profit. They would keep the entire amount.”


The Adopt-a-Film Initiative carries the concept further and provides a platform for each organization to advance its mission through the medium of film and co-host a film screening during the Festival. Each partner organization is paired with a film that is likely to attract an audience interested in its specific cause. With an opportunity to speak to film audiences prior to the screenings and display information at the theater, the groups receive exposure and a chance to connect with filmgoers, filmmakers, other non-profit groups, and more than 24,000 attendees annually. The program helps to promote cultural understanding, philanthropy and volunteerism in the community.


Additionally, through the RIIFF Adopt-a-Film Initiatiive, eligible non-profits are provided with packages of festival tickets that they can sell, give away, or use for whatever purposes they deem appropriate to either raise money or awareness. The organizations keep 100 percent of whatever they generate.

It should be noted that the niche time slots would feature work complimentary to the non-profit’s interests. This could be environmental, health, human service, arts, education, civil rights, hispanic, gay rights, ethnicity, religion, or a whole host of interests. In order to take part in this opportunity, there are ground rules and a time frame.

“We have limited seating, even with the 800+ seats of the Columbus Theatre, RIIFF’s mainstage. So, we are asking non-profits to state their case and convince us why we should work with them,” explains Marshall. “We obviously cannot accommodate all of the state’s non-profits, so we are taking a page from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, and asking for an application which will state their need and an explanation as to why this opportunity would be beneficial to them.”

The “Adopt a Film” Initiative kicks off the week of May 4th. All non-profits interested in accepting the Challenge must submit a letter of intent on company stationary which clearly details their need plus who will benefit from the funds raised. A mission statement and board listing should be included, along with a copy of the IRS 501-C3 designation. All applicants must have letter of intent postmarked by Wednesday, July 1st. Collaborative partners will be announced by July 10th.

Entries will be judged on: clarity of purpose, need, and a clearly stated goal of the benefits of collaboration with the Film Festival. Judging will be undertaken by a panel composed of filmmakers, screenwriters and members of the Board of the Flickers Arts Collaborative, the parent company and producer of RIIFF.

The winners of the “Adopt a Film” Initiative will receive 50 free tickets (a $500 value) to a select film which will complement the service in which they provide. They will be able to sell or raffle the ten-dollar tickets at any price thus raising their potential revenue. If the winning entities sell all their tickets, RIIFF will provide additional tickets as a bonus. In addition, the winners will be acknowledged in a follow-up press release. All proceeds will benefit the winning non-profit agencies, exclusively.

If your non-profit organization is interested in participating in the 2009 RIIFF Community Outreach Program and Adopt-a-Film Initiative and becoming a Festival partner, please e-mail George T. Marshall, Executive Director at georget@film-festival.org. or write to RIIFF at 268 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903. All applications are subject to review.


Read the 2009 News Release, click here.

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