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This event is sponsored by the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Fangoria Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine; Amtrak, Delta Airlines, The City of Providence, Coca Cola; UPN 28; Clear Channel Communications; Regent Releasing; Gorilla Pro Software; The Providence Phoenix; Rule Broadcast Systems; Motif, & The Federal Hill Gazette.

Read about the The Manson Family - click here

See the Trailer for Hellbent - click here

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Ghouls, Goblins, Zombies, and Ghosts will all make an appearance on the big screen as the Rhode Island International Film Festival unwraps its sixth annual Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival October 27th-30th. In addition to its traditional spooky fare, this year’s festival includes a spectre-acular family day where kids and their parents are invited to join in with family-friendly events.

The Horror Festival is an eerie-sistable salute to a genre often overlooked. It will include numerous world premieres of shorts and features including the best horror films submitted in competition from across the globe. In all, over thirty films will be presented during a four-day period throughout downtown Providence.


The Festival kicks off with a special screening of the premiere of "The Manson Family " on Thursday, October 27th, 8:00 p.m. at the Providence Chamber of Commerce Theatre located at 30 Exchange Terrace in Providence.

On Friday, October 28th the New England local horror film festival plays at the Chamber of Commerce- 30 Exchange Terrace across from Kennedy Plaza. Screenings begin at 7:00 p.m. and include the top pick from the Fangoria Blood Drive short film competition "Means to an End" followed by the feature-length adaptation of Stephen King’s "The Mangler, Reborn". Also on Friday at the Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main St., Providence, is the first ever-gay slasher film Hellbent. A RI Premiere, hailed by Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times as “A dynamic, hard-charging horror picture! Hellbent takes the slasher movie and gives it a clever and sexy gay twist." Showing at 8 p.m. at the Court House Center for the Arts in South Kingston is the world premiere of “Cruel World” starring Edward Furlong from “Terminator 2”.

The main festival returns Saturday, October 29th to the Providence Chamber of Commerce. The day begins at noon with a three-hour zombie gore-fest highlighted by "Zombie Movie" from New Zealand and will round out with the winner of the Los Angels Shriekfest competition for best picture "Mortal Remains." Leather Face will be revving it up onscreen for a special midnight showing of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” that will take place at the Cable Car Cinema.

Iparty and UPN 28 will sponsor the first annual Children’s Halloween Party at the Columbus Theatre on Sunday, October 30th starting at 2 p.m. Events will include: David Mello’s “spirited” reading of scary stories, a cartoon film collection, Bela Lugosi’s reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Tell-Tale Heart”, and a Halloween costume competition with prizes. At 6 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce, Dark Sky Films will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their film "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" which has recently been hailed as "One of the 20 scariest films of all time!" by Entertainment Weekly magazine and "A film of clutching terror!" by Rolling Stone Magazine.

To add to the fun, the Festival, much like a witch's brew, will consist of various ingredients such as giveaways, book signings, and awards for Best Feature and Best Short, plus much more.
Admission is $10.00 per person for all shows except the special Thursday night silent film screening of "The Phantom of the Opera," which is $15.00. Children's admission is $5.00 to the Halloween Party.

Tickets for these events, as well as festival six-packs are available on line at www.ARTTixRI.com. Tickets will also be available at the door before each screening. For more information, write RIIFF, P.O. Box 162, Newport, RI 02840. Telephone: 401-861-4445. E-mail: info@film-festival.org.

• The Courthouse Center for the Arts, 3481 Kingstown Rd (1 1/2 miles west of URI on Route 138) West Kingston, RI. PH:401-782-1018,or visit www.courthousearts.org.

• The Cable Car Cinema is located at 204 South Main St., Providence, RI. Call (401) 272-3970 for a complete list of show times or visit www.cablecarcinema.com.

• The historic Columbus Theatre is located at 270 Broadway in Providence, RI. For further info, please call (401) 861-4445.

• The Providence Chamber of Commerce Theatre is located at 30 Exchange Terrace Providence, RI 02903

Thursday Oct 27
Chamber of Commerce
8:00 pm The Manson Family (Feature)

Synopsis: Director Jim VanBebber (Deadbeat at Dawn) delivers a dizzying, rapid-fire vision of the sex and violence that unifies the misguided group, a group hell-bent on executing the brutal vision of its leader Charles Manson.

You’ve seen the story through the eyes of the law. Now witness it through the eyes of The Manson Family.

Friday October 28th
Chamber of Commerce
7:00 pm The White Mice
Director Luke Taylor
Synopsis: A local band," the white mice," are playing their music when a zombie in the woods
nearby hears them play. The zombie hates their music so he tries to kill them to stop the music. It is a bloody battle. The white mice are a very visual band, and this video shows that through blood and gore.

7:05 pm Bloody Mary
Director J. Elizabeth Martin
Synopsis: First-time filmmakers Kat Alix-Gaudreau and J. Elizabeth Martin bring you the short horror film “Bloody Mary.” After the death of her friend, Morgan James (Lindsey Bellock) returns to the homeless shelter where she was raised, only to discover that the nightmare she left behind in her childhood has returned with a vengeance. In a chilling battle against evil, Morgan must attempt to save St. Francis from the fiend that leads Hell’s armies, and discover what dark forces have called up the demon that Satan himself fears.

7:45 pm Means to an End
Director Paul Solet

Synopsis: When two horror-crazed effects artists are blacklisted for using REAL effects, they shoot and star in their own film. Bloodied and beaten, they find the one executive willing to distribute the movie. But there’s one condition… They must find a climax that KILLS.

8:00 pm Facility 4
Director Colter Freeman
Synopsis: Revolves around two Soviet soldiers, Koylan and Dima, and the situation which occurs at their normally boring post. A bioweapons bunker. Due to an accident, the two are met with with the very weapons their government has engineered. The two must escape , before their entire facility is locked down, encasing them forever underground.

8:15 pm The Mangler Reborn (Feature)
Directors :Matt Cunningham /Erik Gardner
Synopsis: A decade after the original massacre, another man obsessed over his machine ends with several murders and possession.

Court House Center for the Arts
8:00 pm Cruel World (Feature) Official East Coast Premiere
Director: Kelsey T. Howard
Synopsis: The Reality Show Where Being Voted Off Costs You Your Life. Nine wide-eyed college-age contestants are excited about the prospect of winning a million dollars on the hottest new reality show. At first it looks like it is going to be a blast, but things get dark very quickly and they
realize this is not the show they signed on for. As the tasks and competitions getting more twisted and sick by the day, the group soon learns they have been trapped by a scorned reality TV show runner up out for revenge and that getting voted off will cost them their lives.

Cable Car Cinema
12:00am Hellbent (Feature)
Director: Paul Etheredge-Ouzts
Synopsis: Two gay men on a date are murdered the night before Halloween in West Hollywood, California. Eddie and his friends Joey, Chaz and Tobey are going out the following night to the West Hollywood Halloween festival when they encounter the psycho, who sets his eye on them. The killer stalks them through the festival as Chaz parties, Joey chases his jock crush, Tobey tries dressing in drag, and Eddie pursues Jake, the bad boy he wants to get to know better. Not until the very end do you find out who dies and who survives their night of terror.

Saturday October 29th
Chamber of Commerce
The RIIHFF Zombie Hour
12:00 pm Beaster
Director: Vincent Morrone
Synopsis: Jesus is back and he is pissed.

12:10 pm School of the Dead
Director: James Raymond
Synopsis: Two High Schoolers must defend themselves from their blood-thirsty class mates.

12:18 pm Mom vs The Undead
Director: James Darling
Synopsis: This Mother has decided that here undead husband has become a head ache.

12:26 pm Snow Day Bloody Snow Day
Synopsis: When an unexpected snow storm strikes Seattle, the dead rise from their graves to prey on the living. From the confines of their living room a group of unlikely heroes must emerge to stop the flesh-hungry hordes, only to discover that zombies aren't the only evil they are up against.

12:40 pm Zombie Movie
Director: Michael J. Asquith
Synopsis: Three 80’s Metal heads are trapped in their car for three days as an army of zombies surround them. Craziness ensues.

1:00 pm Day X (Feature)
Director: Jason Hack
Synopsis: In the blink of an eye, everything changes. A mysterious epidemic has transformed everyday people into murderous cannibals. Eleven strangers, somehow unaffected, find themselves trapped in a long-abandoned ironworks, surrounded by a mob intent on ripping them limb from limb. One of them, gun-toting Frank Chambers, seems to know more about the creatures outside than he’s letting on, and he has with him a seemingly comatose young girl, her skin pale, her hair shock white. Over the next 24 hours, Frank and the others must fight to survive as the mob outside grows hungrier. And the grisly truth of the creatures outside, and the one inside, will be revealed.

Stephen King Shorts
3:00pm Gotham Cafe TRT:14:41

Synopsis: Steve and Diane are splitting up. Their misery is just beginning. The attractive young couple has hit a point in their marriage where its time to divorce. At the beginning of Stephen King’s Gotham Cafe the pair decides to meet in a ritzy restaurant with her lawyer and put an end to their suffering. Once there, they find out that their real misery is only beginning.

3:15 pm Rats TRT:3:10
Director: David Brocca
Synopsis: An emaciated war criminal lives in filth as Death comes knocking on his door. From Frank Miller’s Lost, Lonely, & Lethal comes a bone-chilling tale of revenge.

3:20 pm We all Fall Down TRT:13:55
Synopsis: A drunken joyride turns tragic when a group of college kids accidentally run over a schoolgirl. Desperate to cover up the accident, they dismember the girl and bury her body in a remote abandoned building. Five years later, upon hearing the building is slated for demolition, they journey back to the grisly tomb to move the corpse, only to find an angry soul intent on bloody revenge.

3:35 pm Home Delivery TRT: 10:38
Synopsis: On a secluded island in Maine a woman loses her fisherman husband to the sea , Or does she?

3:46 pm Road Virus Heads North TRT:13:55
Director: David Brock

Synopsis: A horror novelist suffers nightmarish consequences after purchasing a macabre painting at a local estate sale. Based on the short story by Stephen King.

4:00 pm Blood Jacker TRT:13:55
Synopsis: Making a movie is a lot harder than some would think, especially when the director is insane.

4:10 pm Dark Remains (Feature)
Director: Brian Avenet-Bradley
Synopsis: Following their daughter’s brutal murder, a grieving young couple escapes the city to find solace in the mountains. As they try to recover, they soon discover their new home is haunted by violent entities with tragic histories of their own.

6:00 pm Shadow Dead Riot
Director: Derek Wan
Synopsis: A convicted serial killer called SHADOW (Tony Todd) performs a strange occult ritual in his solitary confinement cell moments before taking his “last mile” walk down Death Row. As he is strapped onto the lethal injection table for his midnight execution, Shadow vows vengeance. Upon his death, Shadow’s blood infiltrates and infects the prison. Suddenly, the other Death Row inmates go stark raving mad, break out from their cells and riot! The shocking supernatural event causes WARDEN BRUTAWSKI (Sergio Alarcon) to order the immediate massacre of all of the possessed prisoners. As the sun rises, all of the dead bodies, including Shadow’s remains, are dumped into an unmarked mass burial pit on the prison grounds.

8:00 pm Izu
Director: Takashi Miike
Synopsis: Izo is about a character who represents the unacceptable in society. The good and the bad parts simultaneously: He is the progressive spirit that rains righteous wrath upon the corruption in religion, government and the world of finance, freeing man from oppressive rulers. And he is the barbarism of which the human animal is capable when running unchecked and uncontrolled; unrestrained. He represents these aspects of the human spirit up through history, and must finally end his existence when man has attained the purity to cast off oppression for good and eradicate his own barbaric tendencies through moral discipline and self-control. Izo is humanity’s anger, righteous and frustrated; resolute and indignant, leading us towards utopia while cutting a swath through the sadly ignorant masses that would oppose him.

Cable Car Cinema
12:00 am The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Director: Tobe Hooper
Synopsis: En route to visit their grandfather’s grave (which has apparently been ritualistically desecrated), five teenagers drive past a slaughterhouse, pick up (and quickly drop) a sinister hitch-hiker, eat some delicious home-cured meat at a roadside gas station, before ending up at the old family home... where they’re plunged into a never-ending nightmare as they meet a family of cannibals who more than make up in power tools what they lack in social skills.

Sunday October 30th

Columbus Theatre

RIIHFF Family Program

2:00 pm
RIIHFF Children’s Story Reading

Performer David Mello Reads spooky tales of terror

2:45 pm
Caspers Classic Cartoons
Synopsis: The best of the Classic Casper Fleicher cartoons of the 40’s

3:00 pm
RIIHFF Costume Contest

3:30 pm The Tell Tale Heart
Synopsis: Bela Lugosi Reads the Poe Classic.

3:40 pm Voices Within
Director: Christopher Vallone
Voices Within The Scarecrow Effect is a short film that engulfs a child into a story he fell asleep to while reading. The scary thing is, a spirit keeps turning the pages leaving him trapped in the book of fiction, fighting to get out of his own dream.

3:50 pm Nothing In the Dark
Director John Correll
Nothing in the Dark is a creepy and suspenseful thrill ride modeled after the recent J-horror tradition of implied horror, rather than blood and guts gore. This short is only a taste of what yet is an un-produced feature length film written by aspiring writer-director John Correll, Jr.

Chamber of Commerce
10:00am Awards Breakfast

Black Cab Films Shorts
11:00 am Moondance
Synopsis: Little Red Riding Hood takes revenge against here fairy tale friends as she goes after the big bad wolf.

11:15 am Marburg
Director: Shannon Lark
Synopsis: A virus overtakes a woman’s life and soon the world shall follow.

11:31 am My Skin
Synopsis: A wild and wicked tale from the Black Cab Film Group.

11:42 am Human No More
Synopsis: A private detective consumed by an irreconcilable murder case descends into his caustic underworld one last time. There he must face the blind eye of Heaven, the hunger of Hell, and the relentless ambiguity of his own humanity.


12:00 pm The Experiment
Director: Daniel Turner
Synopsis: What has happened in the past of these people lives which has led them to where they are watch and see.

2:00 pm Zombie Honeymoon

Director: David Gebroe
Synopsis: Zombie Honeymoon is a gore-soaked exploration of how far the boundaries of true love can be pushed without reaching a breaking point.

4:00 pm All Cheerleaders Must Die
Director : Lucky Mckee / Chris Sivertson
Synopsis: Proof that blondes DO have brains.

6:00 pm Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
Director: John McNaughton
Synopsis: Michael Rooker is unforgettable as Henry, a soft-spoken loner with a cool exterior masking an inner rage that boils at blast furnace intensity.

When fellow ex-con Otis invites Henry to move into his Chicago apartment, he becomes a willing participant in Henry’s senseless, random killing sprees. Meanwhile, Otis’ unsuspecting sister, Becky (Tracy Arnold) is smitten with Henry, whose broken childhood mirrors her own.

Masterfully directed by John McNaughton, HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER is a chilling character study of a mass murderer that continues to shock and disturb twenty years after its debut.

8:00 pm August Underground
Director: Fred Vogel
Synopsis: Two serial killers go on a murdering rampage as one films the outcome from behind a video camera. One of the most realistically portrayed simulated Snuff films.