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83 Park Street, Suite 5

Providence, RI 02903 USA
tel: 401/861-4445
401/490-6735 (f)


Mailing Address:

PO Box 162

Newport, RI 02840 USA

Street Address:

36 Rhode Island Avenue,

Newport, RI 02840 USA



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Courtesy of Mike Braca


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Eric Latek, George T. Marshall, Shawn Quirk, Timothy Haggerty & Duncan Putney






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The Mary Rommel Scholarship Fund


The Mary Rommel Scholarship Fund has been created to encourage young people to pursue studies in either of these two areas: horticulture and the arts.


Mary Rommel was the founder of the Naval Officers Wives Garden Club in Newport, RI and was a prime mover in spurring an appreciation of nature in the community. She also was an early participant in formation of the annual Christmas in Newport for which she created the Turtle Frolic, a cultural/historical salute to the colonial period.


A lover of the arts in all forms, Mary Rommel touched many lives with her generous spirit and good heart.

This Scholarship honors a unique soul who gave selflessly to others and pays respect to what she loved most.

Scholarships will be based on available funds that have been donated. Awards will be made yearly. As the fund itself grows, so too will the funding level and number of awards.


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Contributions are deductible as allowed by law.


Questions or you would like to make a donation? Contact us at

FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival

PO Box 162 • Newport, RI 02840 (United States)
Entry Street Address: 36 Rhode Island Avenue • Newport, RI 02840

Office: 83 Park Street, Suite, 1, Providence, RI 02903
Tel/Fax: (401) 861-4445/490-6735



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• Patricia Neal Scholarship Fund
• The Joseph & Viola Marshall Fund

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