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October 19-25th, 2015

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A Vif | Guillaume Foresti, Director| 23 min. | France, 2014.

Beatrice and Laurent are a couple. Laurent mysteriously lost his senses, little by little. Gradually, he lost the taste and smell, and touch. But more worryingly, it only affects his perception of his wife. He wonders if the problem really comes from him...


The Alchemist’s Letter | Carlos Andre Stevens, Director | 5 min. | USA, 2015.

When Veridian, an estranged son, receives his late alchemist father Nicolas' inheritance, he is exposed to the ill-fated reality that his father built a tumultuous gold-making machine powered by his own memories.


The Answer | Iqbal Ahmed, Director | 83 min. | USA, 2014.

Living a quiet life below the radar, BRIDD is thrown into chaos when he returns home and is attacked by masked men. Narrowly escaping, he and his feisty co-worker CHARLOTTE follow clues left by his dead parents to find out who's after him -- and why. In the process, he discovers something shocking about himself -- he's special. The last thing he ever wanted.


Astraea | Kristjan Thor, Director | 95 min. | USA, 2015.

When disease nearly wipes out the human race, a telepathic teenage girl named Astraea believes her visions confirm that survivors are living in Northern Canada.



Back to Earth | Thomas Wilson, Director | 14 min. | Australia, 2015.

The sun is setting. A young man, Lou, is sitting next to a re-opened grave, hurriedly preparing an assortment of objects; a mortar and pestle, salts, flowers and a watch, taking cue from a leather-bound book full of notes and hand-drawn diagrams. He places the items on and around a recently deceased corpse that he has pulled out of the grave. It is his older brother, Jack. He whispers an incantation into Jack's ear, and smashes the watch with a small rock. Nothing. Suddenly his brother springs to life, and they both laugh incredulously at what has happened. The spell has worked.


A Boy’s Life | Howard McCain, Director | 7 min. | USA, 2014.

A Boy's Life is a short narrative told only through visuals. It takes what initially appears to be a portrait of a troubled youth and twists to reveal a world gone awry. Harking back to the classic stories of 'Lord of the Flies' and 'City of God,' it examines the power of youth in an environment of chaos and violence.


The Bridge Partner | Gabriel Olsen, Director | 13 min. | USA, 2014.

Mattie is a timid housewife who has settled into a dull yet comfortable routine. She is confronted with a captivating alternative when she is paired with a new partner at a weekly bridge game. This stranger, Olivia, is everything Mattie is not: foreign, independent and alluring. But as the game ends, Olivia calmly leans across the table and whispers a shocking message.


Or at least that's what Mattie thinks she hears.


Broken Wand | Anne Yang, Michael Altman, Directors | 3 min. | USA, 2014.

'Broken Wand' is the story of a washed-up magician trying reconnect with his preteen grandson who used to love magic.



The Cart | Patrik Erikson, Director | 6 min. | Poland, 2015.

A girl is pushing a fish in a water filled cart across a dark plain. The cart is leaking, and mysterious beings are attracted to the struggle. What awaits in the abyss?


Chulyen | Agnès Patron, Director | 20 min. | France, 2015.

Up there, so close to the pole, Chulyen is bored. Half man, half crow, with his pitiless eyes he cuts the world into pieces. When Chulyen covets a giant's kayak, he comes down from the air to charm and deceive him.


The Crop | Will Halas, Director | 15 min. | USA, 2014.

On a road in the middle of nowhere, with the horizon stretching out as far as the eye can see, a Man tries to start the car, but the ignition will not catch. He gets out, grabs his bag, and walks around to the passenger side. Bleeding from a wound in abdomen, he opens the door, grabs a gun from the glove box, and for the first time, we see a second man - a very dead man - in the passenger seat.



Day 40 | Sol Friedman, Director | 6 min. | Canada, 2014.

In this animated retelling of the Noah's Ark story, various unholy activities fill the great ship, as the animals discover the darker side of their nature.


Devil Makes Work | Guy Soulsby, Director | 7 min. | United Kingdom, 2014.

DEVIL MAKES WORK is a visually dark and sinister short film illustrating the devil's twisted view of humanity; our hopes and dreams, life, love and struggle together with the sacrifices we make for success.


Dissonance | Till Nowak, Director | 15 min. | Germany, 2015.

A genius musician lives a lonely life in a surreal, floating world. He plays the piano every day in a gigantic concert hall, but there is nobody to listen. One day his animated world collapses and reality breaks out.




Dive | Matthew Saville | 13 min. | New Zealand, 2014.

What if your reflection had a mind of it's own?


Drink | Emily Moss Wilson | 23 min. | USA, 2014

DRINK is a sci-fi cautionary tale that follows Alice and her two sons, Clint and Billy, as they flee their home in the middle of the night. They arrive at an old desert motel, and it doesn't take long before Alice realizes she has a strange connection to this place. A tragedy of the past begins to reveal secret desires that could send Alice down a path of freedom or insanity.


Dust | Mike Grier, Director | 27 min. | USA/Japan, 2014.

Dust takes place in a world that is rapidly changing - each year new species and new adaptations alter the balance of their ecosystems. Technology and deep tradition exist as symbiotic opposites dividing people who live in rural villages from those who live in walled cities.



Edit/Undo | Daniel Clements, Director | 17 min. | Canada, 2015

A random online stranger lures Bill to a dating website in an attempt to be flirtatious. However, Bill finds his girlfriend's profile on the same website. She's searching for other men behind his back. Enraged, he creates his own dating profile and wages a vengeful, internet, cold war on his relationship.


Eloise Little Dreamer | Myriam Obin, Director | 4 min. | Canada, 2015

This creative animation manages to bring voice to a day of celebration in the streets of the city; everyone is wearing masks and making noise. However, a little girl discovers things are not what they appear to be. What is, in reality, a peaceful protest is soon disrupted by an aggressive police action.


Enfilade | David Coyle, Director | 10 min. | Australia, 2014.

A man awakens in a white room with two doors. Each door loops into the other. The only objects within the room are a red ball and a revolver containing a single bullet. How do you escape a loop?


The Epic of Hershey | Douglas McGinness, Director | 15 min. | USA, 2015.

God is missing. That's what the homeless children of New York believe, and God having been kicked out of power by the evil demon named La Llorona is how the children understand their suffering on the streets.



Fulfilament | Rhiannon Evans, Director | 8 min. | USA, 2015

Travel around the brain with a little, lost thought and discover what it takes to make a great idea.


Fury: The Tales of Ronin Pierce | Kevin McCarthy, Director | 91 min. | USA (Local), 2014.

The f ilm revolves around Ronan Pierce, a vigilante cop with a dark past in the fictional Harbor City. Harbor city is full of psychopaths, rapists, gangs,serial killers & corrupt cops/politicians. However, none are worse than The Luna Cartel, a large global human trafficking network enslaves thousands of young beautiful women from around the world, and harvests organs from all of it's other victims Years earlier ...


Future Perfect | Nick Citton, Director | 11 min. | USA, 2014.

The Future Perfect is a minimalist time travel story that centers on the relationship between a hired gun, Hardesty, and his boss, Greenwood. As the film unfolds, we come to understand that a major crisis in the future has its origins in a minor moment from the past.



Hair Cut | Virginia Mori, Director | 8 min. | France, 2014.

A teacher and her pupil linger in an empty classroom. Through their looks and gestures, a strange confrontation begins.


Havva | Guclu Aydogdu, Director | 8 min. | Turkey, 2015.

In a world where women can no longer bear daughters, a father and his child living secluded away from the rest of now chaotic humanity, gets a visitor on horse...


The House is Innocent | Nicholas Coles | 12 min. | USA, 2015. Tom and Barbara's new home has a notorious past and it's going to take more than a fresh coat of paint to whitewash its macabre history.



In Extremis | Gregory Crosbie | 14 min. | United Kingdom, 2014.

A night watchman is sent to guard the cellar of a museum by its mysterious curator, who tells him that his “usual man” is unavailable that night. He instructs the watchman to set off an alarm bell if anyone tries to gain access to the cellar during the night and warns him to mind his own business whilst there – before leaving him alone to his shift.


Intersection | Brendan Beachman | 20 min. | USA, 2015.

Two road construction workers flag for non-existent vehicles on a remote desert intersection. The monotony of their day is smashed by the violent arrival of an object from the sky.



Jack Rabbit | Carleton Ranney, Director | 100 min. | USA, 2015.

The planet's technological infrastructure has been wiped out by an event known as The Reset. Now, in the struggling and isolated City VI, a computer prodigy must team up with a solitary hacker to decipher a strange message left behind when their mutual friend commits suicide. What they discover will change their lives forever.

Josef et Aimée | Ben Shirinian, Director| 15 min. | Canada, 2014.

Josef and Aimee were originally from cities in the north of France, but as the Nazi occupation of France drew near, their families sent them into hiding in the south of France.


Julia | Matthew A. Brown | 95 min. | USA, 2014.

A neo-noir revenge thriller centering on Julia Shames, who after suffering a brutal trauma, falls prey to an unorthodox form of therapy to restore herself.



Knock Knock | Anthony Lund, Director | 3 min | USA, 2014.

On a dark, stormy night, a brave little boy decides to find out who is knocking on his door... his closet door, that is.



Lake Nowhere | Christopher Phelps and Maxim Von Scoy, Directors | 51 min. | USA, 2014.

From the vaults of the golden age of slasher films comes LAKE NOWHERE, a raucous, bloody romp which resurrects the thrill of gory midnight movies for an hour-long plunge into the depths of horror. Inspired by the dusty days of VHS, LAKE NOWHERE is preceded by original trailers & commercials, replicating the experience of watching a long lost bootleg tape.




Lapse of Time | Celine Tricart, Director | 15 min. France, 2013.

On a winter afternoon, in the course of a hide and seek game, a kid finds shelter in the most unlikely of places: the huge astronomic-tuned clock of the city's cathedral! Sneaking his way through, he accidentally gets his jacket stuck into the mechanism blocking the entire system... and of time itself!


Larry Gone Demon | Matt Lawrence, Director | 14 min. | USA, 2014.

When three twenty-somethings must deal with the incorrigible and incredibly demonic Larry, they risk life and limb in an attempt to save the soul of their once-kind-and-unassuming friend while also procuring his five-hundred dollars in back rent.


The Last Man | Galvin Rothery, Director | 20 min. | United Kingdom, 2014.

A Deep Reserve soldier is awoken from stasis and finds the world ruined by war.


Life on Juniper | Mark Ratzlaff, Director | 15 min. Canada, 2015.

Following reports of a mysterious crash, an aging farmer encounters a visitor determined on disrupting his quiet way of life.


Lost in Bloom | Michael Messina, Director | 27 min. | USA, 2015.

In the months following an experimental brain treatment, Ethan enjoys newfound confidence and clarity, until unforeseen complications bring him to question the nature of free will and the fallacy of true love.

Lovebites | Andrew Chung, Director | 12 min. | Canada, 2015.

In a bleak zombie-plagued future, Carolyn fights to survive day to day with her lover, Maddy. But Maddy has a hard time letting go of the past, while Carolyn only lives for today, because it's the only thing left she can count on.



Mae Day | Ryan Clark, Director | 13 min. | USA, 2015.

A mansion heist turns deadly when two thieves come face-to-face with a young woman who has no intention of backing down.


THE MAGUS | Guy Green, Director | 117 min. | USA, 1968.
Cast: Anthony Quinn, Michael Caine, Candice Bergen

A teacher on a Greek island becomes involved in bizarre mind games with the island's magician (Anthony Quinn) and a beautiful young woman.


The Morrigan | Colum Eastwood, Director | 16 min. | Ireland/United Kingdom, 2014.

A young couple's remote holiday cottage comes under attack from malevolent forces when they give refuge to a mysterious young girl.


Movies in Space | Chris W. Smith, Director | 15 min. | USA, 2015.

MOVIES IN SPACE is a comedy sci-fi following the rise and fall of Travis Shepard, a future-earth-ambassador, who unwittingly gets caught up in an alien Hollywood-like system.


Mrs. K | Dongneok Seo, Director | 11 min. | USA, 2015.

Mrs. K, a 9 months pregnant thirty-something housewife, starts to suspect her wealthy husband of something sinister.



Night of the Slasher | Shant Hamassian, Director | 11 min. | USA, 2015.

A 'shot-in-one-take' slasher film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and defeat him.



One Night in Hell | James Hall, Jason Jameson, Directors | 7 min. | USA, 2014.

A devilish and spectacular animation short that tells the story of a skeleton's journey into a stereoscopic hell.


Open 24 Hours | Henry Chaisson, Director | 6 min. | USA (Local), 2015.

In the dead of night, Russell stops at a backwater convenience store to purchase gas and a pair of suspicious tools. He meets his match in Dixie, an overzealous checkout clerk who misinterprets Russell's dark motives at every turn -- or does she? Russell is forced to play into Dixie's eccentric whims, or risk drawing attention to the eerie rumble that pours from the trunk of his car.


The Orchestra | Mikey Hill, Director | 15 min. | Australia, 2015.

Imagine a world where a band of tiny musicians follow you and play a soundtrack for your life, communicating your emotions, fears and hopes. In this world lives elderly Vernon, a lonely man whose crippling shyness causes his orchestral musicians to perform terribly out of tune.


The Orchestra - Trailer from mikey hill on Vimeo.



Pale Blue Eyes | Joe Henderson, Director | 10 min. | Australia, 2014.

Nothing is what it seems.


Peeved | Rhonda Marie Santos, Director | 17 min. | USA (Local), 2015.

A family becomes unhinged due to their pet “peeves.” An unstable son takes matters into his own hands while being taunted by the mystery of his deceased sister.


Playback | Nathan Crooker, Director | 4 min. | USA, 2014.

PLAYBACK is a three-minute film shot in one take, which makes the suspense it conjures up all the more impressive. A man turns on his TV but can only find static, when suddenly the static cuts out to show security camera footage of a masked killer chasing a scantily-clad woman and brutally gutting her in an apartment hallway.


Prelude | Mitra Shahidi, Director | 5 min. Australia, 2011.

Prelude is a whimsical story of a creative little girl and her scientist grandfather. A series of happy accidents cause the relationship between these two get.



Raspberry Galaxies | Noah Sterling, Director | 5 min. United Kingdom, 2015.

When a young girl discovers that the center of our galaxy contains the same chemicals that give raspberries their taste, she is inspired to create a universe of her own out of actual raspberries.


Ropaverjra, La | Nacho Ruipérez, Director | 28 mi. | Spain, 2014.

Young Teresita finds herself suddenly being forced to live in a house with a group of 9 forgotten children. Without the slightest hope for escape they spend their days obeying orders and being abused by the Huckster.


Rose | Tom Stoddart, Director | 11 min. | United Kingdom, 2014.

Rose is a supernatural horror film about a single mother, Joan, and her young 10 year old daughter, Rose, who has recently started to exhibit early signs of pyrokinetic ability – the power to create and control fire with the mind. Being so young she is unable to understand or control her power, but her mother, Joan, has realized that it is linked to Rose’s emotional state.



Scheherazade | Mehrnoush Aliaghael, Director | 15 min. | Iran/USA, 2014.

In an audition, the unseen man behind the camera is asking the young actresses to share their dark personal stories to prove how well they relate to the anti-hero they are auditioning for. The result is a story tapestry of dark fantasies, secrets, memories, and betrayals. But their stories are not the end, they are only the beginning. What is happening in this audition room?


Sebastian & Them | Benjamin Bee, Director | 7 min. | United Kingdom, 2015.

Sebastian has to leave is childhood friends behind. the only problem is they don't want him to leave him...


Selene Hollow | Mathew Provost, Director | 44 min. | USA (Local), 2015.

Selene Hollow follows recently unemployed journalist Byron, as he struggles to reinvent himself while penning his first novel. Lost in the middle of nowhere, Byron's new home of Selene Hollow, soon reveals itself to be much more than a quiet place for him to escape


Sick To My Bones | Matthew Bailey, Director | 14 min. | United Kingdom, 2015.

A winged warrior wakes up to find herself close to death and bound by chains to her demonic prisoner. It is her duty to walk the wasteland and bring her prisoner to a place where he can be assimilated and become just like her. But as her body starts to shut down, will she be able to complete her task?


Side Kick | Puja Maewal, Director |10 min. | USA, 2014.

A little girl mistakes a thief for a comic book superhero.


Seule | Didier Philippe, Director | 10 min. | France, 2014.

Claire, a young woman, lives alone in a large apartment. Her fear of the outside world stops her from going out and letting people in. One day, she discovers evidence revealing that a man lives in her home. The presence of that man becomes more and more apparent and eventually threatening...


Soar | Alyce Tzue, Director | 6 min. | USA, 2014.

A precocious young girl makes a new friend when a tiny boy pilot drops out of the sky on a broken flying machine. Now she must race against time to return him home, before her new friend becomes stranded on Earth forever.

Squeezebox | Sam Lerma, Director | 21 min. | USA, 2015.

Manuel Casillas reemerges from a musical hiatus determined to embark on a new phase of his career. His plans are put to a halt by a collection of vivid dreams, a group of feral cats, and a strange box containing a substance that devours whatever it touches.


Subterranea | Matthew Miller | 99 min. | USA, 2015.

A man raised in complete isolation his entire life is released into society for the first time as an adult and must learn how to live. Along the way, he discovers that he's part of a social experiment and sets off to find answers about his dark past.


Sumer | Alvaro Garcia, Director | 10 min. | United Kingdom, 2014.

For unknown reasons, the Earth's ionosphere has weakened dramatically during the course of the last century. All animal and plant species perished decades ago. All that remains is one small group of humans who attempt to resist the hostility and hardness of the external environment from SUMER, the last hive city in the world.


Summit | Christina Raia, Director | 80 min. | USA, 2014.

A snowy road lies empty and silent as a parked car sits crooked off to the side. The driver’s door is aimlessly open. A trail of red stains the snow. A woman’s body lies at the end of the blood-stained trail; her skin blue from the cold, her throat slit. Her lifeless eyes stare out at the open, desolate woods.



Tarim le brave contre des Milles et Un Effects (Tarim the Brave Versus 1001 Special Effects) | Guillaume Rieu, Director | 19 min. | France, 2015.

As he is going to save a princess imprisoned in the dungeon of an evil sorcerer, Tarim understands that he is the main character of a movie, and decides to fight against the special effect.


Tarim the brave against the Thousand and One Effects

- Trailer from metronomic on Vimeo.


Teeth | Tom Brown, Daniel Gray, Directors | 6 min. | USA/United Kingdom, 2015.

That which is neglected, is lost.


Theme Song Rebel | Luke Patton, Director | 20 min. | USA (Local), 2013.

In a dystopia where a person's social class is determined by their theme song, Louise wants to change her tune.


Theodora | Henry Chaisson and Travis Bogosian, Directors | 6 min. | USA, 2014.

A resourceful young girl prepares dinner for a friend.


Theodora Trailer from Slater Hall on Vimeo.


They’re Closing In | Jarret Blinkhorn, Director | 6 min. | USA (Local), 2015.

Tension grows as a tired married couple are forced to deal with each others issues because if they leave... The creatures outside will make them regret it.


Trellis | Jackson Miller, Director | 11 min. | USA, 2015.

Trellis tells the story of Billy, a young boy suffering through a violent family life. To escape the domestic drama, he develops a green thumb and turns to his greenhouse: a magical safe-haven where his imagination is free to run wild. After his drunken father destroys his refuge, Billy takes matters into his own hands.

A Tricky Treat | Patricia Chica, Director | 3 min. | Canada, 2015.

A man is kidnapped by a very strange family, and his fate is held in the hands of two kids.



Under the Bed | Tamar Ben-Baruch, Director | 3 min. | USA, 2014

Under the Bed is the story of a little boy trying to escape a horrific nightmare as his furniture and belongings come to life. 



A Way Out | Jason Tostevin, Director | 14 min. | USA, 2015.

Aging gangster Vic has made a deadly decision of the heart: he's going to risk quitting the life to have one last chance at redemption, saving his grandson before he follows in his Vic's footsteps. But when he reveals his plan to his protege Reggie, whom he's groomed for years to take his place, he discovers he's not the only one who's been harboring a killer secret.


Whisper | Jo Lewis, Director | 11 min. | United Kingdom, 2015.

A young woman travels to a remote beach side cabin in an attempt to finally quit her heroin habit. While there she accidentally sets in motion a chain of sinister events. Hauntingly beautiful, Whisper is a modern day ghost story that will keep you gripped from start to spine-chilling finish



YIKES | Michael Fodera, Director | 11 min. | USA, 2015. A sheltered and struggling young actor, Ian, receives a call from his agent about an upcoming audition. Shortly after, Ian begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future and he soon realizes that having this ability is not exactly a welcomed gift unless he is ready to do something about it.



Zéro | Tony T. Datis, Director | 10 min. France, 2014.

In the heart of a small suburban park, a young boy is about to reveal his incredible secret to his classmate.



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