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Participate in the Annual

KidsEye™ International Film Festival
August 5-10, 2014



2014 Rhode Island International Film Festival Call for Entries is Closed...






• Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi Entries Accepted Through August 15th for the October RI International Horror Film Festival using hard copy entries (see below). Payment can be made online.



Please use the hard copy entry form below if you have missed the Withoutabox cut-off date.


• Click here for the Downloadable Hard Copy Entry FormThe Fine Print (also found on Withoutabox.com)


• Click here for the Easy Payment Option for hard copy entries



Withoutabox logoThe Rhode Island International Film Festival is a founding partner of The International Film Festival Submission System (BrigitFest) – on the Web at Withoutabox.com and prefers paperless entries. Withoutabox provides cost-saving, online entry to major film festivals throughout the U.S. and in Europe with one master entry form, allowing you and us to enter your film more quickly and with greater accuracy. This method is free and easy. Withoutabox users enjoy the advantages of Extended Deadlines and Online Press Kit submissions and filmmakers with an upgraded project on Withoutabox receive $5.00 off their Entry Fees.



The 16th Annual KidsEye™ International Film Festival will take place August 5-10, 2014 during the main FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival™ (RIIFF). Whether you're an aspiring feature film director, animator, skateboarder, blader, hip hop artist, poet - whatever: We want to see your work and hopefully screen it as part of the KidsEye™ 2014.


We're looking to screen: Documentaries, Features, Music Videos, Dramas, Animation, Oral Histories, Video Poetry, Experimental, & PSAs

KidsEye™ is about opening up a dialogue amongst kids, their media arts mentors and a broader public, about youth-produced videos and web sites as a powerful form of self-expression for today's kids and teens.

KidsEye™ will present a collection of exciting and diverse work being made here and around the country by youth media makers, age 8-17.

Since it began 16 years ago, KidsEye™, created by the FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival™ (RIIFF), has celebrated young video makers by showcasing their projects.


In 2013, this continues with our popular festival-within-a festival, complete with guest speakers, discussions, dance parties, concerts, and a "Youth Open Screen." Those attending KidsEye™ will be able to meet teen video makers and their mentors; see a diverse collection of youth-produced media. And in 2014, KidsEye™ screenings will take place at locations throughout the state of Rhode Island to reach the broadest possible audience for our filmmakers.

Every year KidsEye™ is presented in partnership with several not-for-profit and youth-oriented organizations. By giving kids access to new technologies they are helping build kids’ capacities for critical thinking, creative expression and self empowerment.

Call for Entries FAQs

When are the Entries Due?

The late deadline is June 15, 2014 (postmark date)


Who is Eligible?
Youth between 8 and 17 are eligible to enter. Entries must have been completed before the artist's 18th birthday. Professionals can also submit films made for kids.


When will I know if my work is selected?
By late June.


When is the Festival?
August 5-10, 2014 (running within the main RIIFF, over 3 mornings)


In what format should the tape be?
No tape, please just send a DVD or a Blu-Ray.


Besides being selected, can I win anything?
Absolutely. We have prizes for best feature, best short and best animation. Winners receive trophies, passes and an opportunity to have their work screened during our best of fest week after the main festival.

• Click here for the downloadable entry form


FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival

KidsEye™ International Film Festival

P.O. Box 162
Newport, Rhode Island 02840 (United States)
Street Mailing Address:36 Rhode Island Avenue, Newport, RI 02840

Office: 83 Park Street, Suite 1, Providence, RI 02903
Tel/Fax: (401) 861-4445 / 490-6735



• Learn about our annual KidsEye™ Summer Filmmaking Camp


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