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This April 14-17, 2011:



Sixth annual event takes place April 14-17th in collaboration with Roger Williams University. Highlights include: Famed Documentary Filmmaker, Frederick Wiseman as Keynote Speaker; Introduction of "Legacy Series" celebrating the life of Anthony Quinn; and a Jewish Film Series sponsored by the Edwin S. Soforenko Foundation with the RWU Hillel • plus a special community screening scheduled at the Barrington Public Library


Roving Eye International Film Festival

A Collaboration between Roger Williams University
and FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival
April 14-17, 2011


Thursday, April 14th:

Global Heritage Hall, 01

6:30 p.m.


Help Select the Films to be Screened at the 2011 FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival. Bring a date and help us judge these great short films!


Tom Felton and Imelda Staunton from Harry Potter make a startling discovery that will change both of their lives forever, a cat and mouse thriller takes a wild turn, a choice of life or death leaves little wiggleroom, a long lost love makes a reconnection, and a struggle to find what really makes for a commitment are all themes found in the 10 short films that are showcase during this year’s Opening Night Showcase. Discover the new voices of independent film!


Post screening reception in Global Heritage Atrium


Friday, April 15th:

Global Heritage Hall, 01

1:00 p.m.


Directed by: Frederick Wiseman 144 min. USA, 1973

JUVENILE COURT shows the complex variety of cases before the Memphis Juvenile Court: foster home placement, drug abuse, armed robbery, child abuse, and sexual offenses. The sequences illustrate such issues as community protection vs. the desire for rehabilitation, the range and the limits of the choices available to the court, the psychology of the offender, and the constitutional and procedural questions involved in administering a juvenile court.


3:30 p.m.


                (Same as 1:00 p.m., see above)



6:00 p.m.

The Documentary in the Public Sphere: Perspectives on Wiseman’s “Juvenile Court” Frederick Wiseman is one of America’s premier non-fiction filmmakers with over forty films to his credit. He has won numerous awards and his films have been highly acclaimed by film critics and scholars of the arts and the social sciences. Wiseman’s films have been featured in a variety of film retrospectives and series, and he and his film oeuvre has been the subject of a number of full-length books of film criticism and analysis. The event offers a unique opportunity to see this undiscovered film and hear from its legendary director and noted scholars in film and juvenile justice about its timeless relevance and originality.


The panel will be made up of Mr. Wiseman; Thomas Grisso, an internationally-recognized expert in the field of juvenile justice; Jay Blitzman, First Justice of the Middlesex County Juvenile Court, Barry Grant, a leading expert on Wiseman and documentary film, and Emily Sack, Professor of Law at RWU.


The Panel will be hosted by Frank DiCataldi, Ph.D., RWU


The Audience is invited to a Post Panel Reception which follows.


Saturday, April 16th:

Barrington Public Library

2:00 p.m.

Afghanistan: Defying Silence

Director: Ed Robbins and Stacia Teele

83 min. Afghanistan, 2010

The film takes an intimate look at three Afghan performing artists who put their lives at risk in the wake of the Taliban regime's ban against the arts. The film follows them as their dreams expand in the hopeful times of 2004 to 2005 as the Taliban’s increasing reawakening shadows their country.


Global Heritage Hall 01

1:00 p.m.

Die Flugbegleiterin (The Stewardess)

Directed by: Marcin Glowacki

11 min. Germany, 2007

Where desire ends and addiction begins. A film about the amount of food in a society which has lost its proportions and the work of people who don't know what their calling is anymore.


A special reprise screening.


Just Like Us

Directed by Ahmed Ahmed

72 min. Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, The United States of America, United Arab Emirates, 2010

Modern technology and globalization have made the world a much smaller place and caused us to be more interconnected as people, yet cultural misconceptions persist. Through a celebration of culture and comedy, this film uproots the widely held misconception that Arabs have no sense of humor - when in fact they laugh and are just like us. This documentary features Egyptian-American comedian Ahmed Ahmed, in his directorial debut, along with a host of critically acclaimed international stand-up comedians. Presented by Cross Cultural Entertainment and Cross Cultural Productions, Just Like Us exemplifies their goal of reintroducing socially relevant issues to the world in an effort to build cultural bridges in this age of greater tolerance, understanding and acceptance. The film documents four countries in the Middle East, showcasing the cultures of Dubai, Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt with sold out crowds totaling over 20,000 people. Contemporary stand-up comedy has the powerful ability to provide relief, encourage a younger generation, break down barriers and serve as a platform for cross cultural dialogue. This art form is very new to the Middle East and older generations did not have the opportunity to appreciate this creative platform. However, through the current Internet age stand-up comedy has flourished in the Arab region over the past few years, and continues to show us that laughter is the common language of the world.


3:30 p.m.


some boys don't leave

Directed by Maggie Kiley

16 min, U S A, 2009

Written by Matthew Mullen and Maggie Kiley, ‘Some Boys Don't Leave’ is the story of what happens when the break-up happens but the break does not. 'Boy' (Jesse Eisenberg of the films, 'Adventureland' and ‘The Social Network’) is forced to come to terms with the fact that 'Girl' (Eloise Mumford, 'Crash') no longer wants him around. The only problem is he just can't seem to leave their once shared apartment. The Girl decides to keep living her life around him, while he remains in her hallway. Only after he has exhausted all other options does the Boy find that sometimes the greatest distance we are asked to travel is one within ourselves.


The Chronoscope

Directed by Andrew Legge

20 min. Ireland, 2009

A mockumentary about a beautiful scientist during the 1930’s who invents a machine that can see into the past. After being hailed as the discovery of the century, people soon turn away from her as they realize that history is not as it is written. Hidden Soldier Directed by: Alejandro Suárez Lozano 11 min. Spain, 2010 Hunted down and out of ammunition, a lone British foot soldier on a mission ventures into a fort full of Nazis.


Action Hero Guide to Saving Lives

Director Justin Lutsky

15 min, USA, 2010

When lives are on the line... When there’s danger at every turn... When clichés run amuck... Sometimes the best thing to do is call Mulligan! Ace Mulligan!


Plus Three New Discovery Films which includes a 'flash fiction' short film, a story of extreme brevity that challenges the audience to think; the story of an underhanded company man who is offered assistance by a secret organization; and small jewel from Spain about finding love in a time where bad behavior gets the largest rewards.


6:30 p.m


Director Kyle Hausmann-Stokes

13 min. USA 2010

A chronically insecure high school girl becomes prey to a deranged kidnapper and must learn to believe in herself and her abilities in order to escape his enslavement.


Boy Wonder

Directed by Michael Morrissey

94 min. U S A, 2010

Featuring: Bill Sage, Caleb Steinmeyer, Chuck Cooper, Daniel Stewart Sherman, James Russo & Zulay Henao

The horrific murder of his mother sends young Sean Donovan into a state of isolation. At 17 years-old Sean has no friends and trusts no one, his only contact is with his recovering alcoholic father with whom he barely speaks. Sean's days are spent reliving the nightmare of his mother's death and obsessing about revenge on her killer. Sean's rage finds a release in the form of a chaotic attack on a drug dealer. Thus begins his life as a quiet teenager during the day and a self-proclaimed hero at night. But what does it take to be a hero in the real world? Who decides what is right and wrong? Sean's dual life begins to wear on his psyche; his view of the world becomes clouded as his two lifestyles collide. As Sean continues his search for his mother's killer, homicide Detective, Teresa Ames, investigates a string of murders. But even when the clues seem to lead to this strange young man and his troubled life, broken relationships and warped perspectives make it hard for Sean or Teresa to determine who is the real villain. A psychological thriller ‘Boy Wonder’ brings the graphic novel world to life and challenges morality and justice.


8:30 p.m.

A special Benefit Screening to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross in the Bridge to Japan Program. Roger Wiliiams University will provide a dollar-for-dollar match.


Introduced by a special new Japanese short film that touches on the nature of performamce and the actor's art.


Little Rock

Director Mike Ott

85 min. USA, 2010

A road-tripping Japanese brother and sister spend several lost days discovering the less-flattering flipside of California dreaming in this charmingly scruffy tale of misfits, heartbreak and small-town restlessness. Rintaro and Atsuko are visiting the U.S. for the first time. They are headed for San Francisco when their rental car breaks down in the California desert town of Littlerock. Despite the cultural and language barriers—or maybe because of them—they soon fall in with the aimless young locals, including an awkward outcast named Cory clumsily plotting an escape to Los Angeles and clearly taken with Atsuko. She finds fumbling romance with another boy instead, even though the two don’t understand a word between them. Atsuko is seduced by this place that is so unlike her home and wants to stick around, while Rintaro detects its darker side. Soured by what he sees, he continues on as his sister stubbornly remains—embracing California as the storied refuge from troubles. Director Mike Ott proves astutely familiar with hi well-observed setting, convincingly evoking the languid rhythms of purposeless young people, drinking and smoking their days away. The dazzling sunsets and soaring mountains provide counterpoints to the claustrophobia of a small-town rife with petty sniping, racial tension and homophobia. Gently funny and sweetly melancholic, Littlerock is a warm depiction of the confusing and sometimes painful process of finding your identity and lurching towards adulthood.


Global Heritage Hall 108

2:00 p.m.



Directed by Mian Adnan Ahmad

24 min. Pakistan, U S A, 2009

In a rural village deprived of normal schooling a gifted child, Azeem, looks up to the only teacher in his village and aspires to be a poet. Circumstances turn for the worst when a tragic night shatters his dream, leaving his teacher in a state of despair, pulling him away from teaching the children. Realizing the importance of his teacher, Azeem does everything in his capacity to help him teach again.



Directed by: Liat Koren

5 min. USA, 2010

A short animation following the plight of Solar Creatures. When the sun (their source of life) disappears, two friends help one another while most of the others fight for survival.


Fishing With Sam

Directed by: Atle Blakseth

6 min. Norway, 2009

Catching fish on the North Pole can be challenging. Some have more luck than others. The unfortunate ones may totally need a different fishing approach.

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation

Director Stefan Leuchtenberg And Martin Wallner

15 min. Germany, 2010

Featuring Joseph Fiennes and Ian McKellen

When his father dies unexpectedly, a young man seeking to cope with his grief goes on a powerful emotional journey through time and space.


Arithmetic - Annie's Life in Numbers

Directed by Michal Lavi

13 min. Canada, 2009

She has issues with yoga and feminism, and stand-offs with dictators and university grads brandishing degrees she doesn’t care for. She makes New Year’s resolutions she’s sure she can keep, deals with her overbearing mom and a methodical dental hygienist, and lies with such rigor and discipline that it’s virtually moral.


Plus two new cutting-edge animated short films


4:00 p.m.

En Tus Manos (IN YOUR HANDS)

Director Ron Jacobs

28 min, USA, Columbia, 2010

In the vicious slums of Colombia, where prosperity is dictated by brutality, a conflicted kid seeks membership in a brutal gang, with the hope of one day having the power to determine his own destiny.


Holy Wars

Director: Stephen Marshall

85 min. U S A / Iran, Pakistan, United Kingdom, 2010 T

ake one Muslim advocate for global jihad and put him in a room with one conservative Christians on a mission to evangelize the world's Muslims. Which man will be left standing? Touching down in four hotbeds of religious fundamentalism - Pakistan, Lebanon, UK, and heartland America – ‘Holy Wars’ goes behind the scenes of the 1400 year old conflict between Islam and Christianity. The film follows a danger-seeking Christian missionary and a radical Muslim Irish convert, both of whom believe in an apocalyptic battle, after which their religion will ultimately rule the world. Tracking their lives from the onset of the 'War on Terror' to the election of Barack Obama, ’Holy Wars’ shows that even the most radical of believers can be transformed by our changing world.


SUNday, April 17th:

Global Heritage Hall

12:00 Noon: (Patio of the Global Heritage Hall)

The Society for Creative Anachronism: Demonstration

The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our "Known World" consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more.


Local members will provide a demonstration of some of the many activities practiced by the SCA, including both heavy and light armored combat.


Global Heritage Hall 01

12:30 p.m.




Directed by: Dena Greenbaum

12 min. United States, 2010

‘Blues’ tells the story of two boys, a religious Jew and African American, who develop an unlikely friendship through their love of Blues music during The Crown Heights Riot which took place in Brooklyn in 1991.


Esther & Me

Directed by: Lisa Geduldig

32 min. United States, 2010

A touching and humorous portrait of a San Francisco Jewish nursing home resident, Esther Weintraub, a funny, feisty, politically-minded, former model and comedian, who comes back to life when comedian, Lisa Gedulia befriends her. Despite the vast age difference, the two become inseparable friends. Through the use of interviews and archival and contemporary photos, the film traces Esther's story over the course of 74 years starting at the age of 15 where she played violin professionally in a Candian mandolin orchestra, to age 89 as a San Francisco Jewish nursing home resident. The film is a retrospective of Esther's unique and varied life and her relationship with first-time filmmaker, Lisa Geduldig, who brought Esther, back onstage at age 87 to perform comedy.


MIg og Jøderiet (Me and the Jewish Thing)

Directed by: Ulrik Gutkin

42 min. The Netherlands, 2010

‘Me and he Jewish Thing’ is a cheerful and confronting documentary study of the collision between two cultures. The documentary paints an intimate picture of what it means to be a non-religious Jew in Denmark today. A Danish-Jewish man (the director) and a Danish non-Jewish woman (the girlfriend) fall in love. When the girlfriend gives birth to a baby boy they find themselves at the horns of a dilemma - is their son to be circumcised or not? The director spirals into a personal quest to learn more about his Jewish identity.


2:00 p.m.


Panel Discussion: Jeffrey Marin, RWU; Sy Dill, George M. Cohan Memorial Committee and others TBA.


3:00 p.m.

Wagner & Me

Directed by: Patrick McGrady

88 min. Germany, Russian Federation, Switzerland, United Kingdom, 2010 A

ctor and writer Stephen Fry explores his passion for the world's most controversial composer, Richard Wagner. But Stephen is Jewish and lost family members in the Holocaust, so can he salvage the music he loves from its dark association with anti-semitism and the Nazis? Shot on location in Germany, Switzerland and Russia, the film includes unique behindthe- scenes access to the Bayreuth Festival, the annual extravaganza of Wagner's music held in the composer's own purpose built theatre. Animated by Stephen Fry's trademark wit and intelligence, and featuring a soundtrack of Wagner's extraordinary music, this is a fantastic introduction to the life and legacy of one of the most important composers ever, and a must-see film for those who already know and love his music.


Global Heritage Atrium

5:00 p.m.


Join us as we celebrate the successful completion of the 6th Annual Roving Eye International Film Festival as we honor our sponsors, organizers and friends.


Global Heritage Hall 01

6:00 p.m.





Director Nick Regalbuto

20 min. USA, 2010

The 1800's were a time of invention and exploration. Science, chemistry and ingenuity were rapidly changing the way we lived. Inventors were racing to develop the unimaginable - from the light bulb, to the telephone, to the printing press. It was also the beginning of motion pictures. In the early 1890's Thomas Edison had the edge over all other inventors with his latest invention: The Kinetiscope was 'a moving picture viewing machine.' The device however, could only be viewed by one person at a time. This story focuses on the Lumiere Brothers, Auguste & Louis, a pair of young inventors who dream of making images big enough for the whole world to see. Based on a true story, La Premiere tells the exciting tale of the invention of cinema as we know it. It's a story about possibility and believing that with hard work and vision, you can make the impossible possible



Directed by: Mihalis Kakogiannis

144 min. Greece, United Kingdom, 1964

Featuring Antony Quinn, Alan Bates, Lila Kedrova & Irene Papas

If ever there was a role that Anthony Quinn was born to play, it was the lusty, life-affirming title character in Zorba the Greek. The scene is the isle of Crete, where English writer Alan Bates arrives in the hopes of realigning his own values and outlook on life. The flamboyant Zorba, who determines to educate Bates in the ways of the world-or, to be more precise, Zorba’s world, adopts him. Along the way, Bates is introduced to widow, Irene Papas, the unrequited love object of everyone on the island, who comes to a tragic end when she is accused of adultery. The writer is also a spectator to the equally benighted romance between Zorba and venerable courtesan, Lila Kedrova. Other disasters follow, but Zorba is able to convince Bates that failure is an inescapable part of life, and that only by constantly tasting defeat can one truly enjoy life's victories. Based on the novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, ‘Zorba the Greek’ earned Oscars for actress, Lila Kedrova, cinematographer, Walter Lassally and art director, Vassilis Fotopoulos.


Global Heritage Hall 108

1:00 p.m.


Discover the latest passion of the beloved children’s book author…

One Shoe Blues

Directed by Sandra Boynton

5 min. U S A, 2009

The great B.B. King stars in this wry and elegant music video, along with some enthusiastic intrusions by uninvited sock puppets. Shot on 35mm film, this is cartoonist Sandra Boynton's first venture into film directing. The song 'One Shoe Blues' was written by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford, for the album 'BLUE MOO: 17 Jukebox Hits from Way Back Never.


Be Like a Duck

Directed by Sandra Boynton

5 min. U S A, 2009

This stylish and perplexing musical short film was shot and edited in six desperate days as the post ultimate film of 12films12weeks.com. It was directed and designed by humorist, Sandra Boynton (it's her third short film) and edited and mixed by, Boynton with Michael Ford. The track was originally written and produced by Boynton and Ford for the Grammy-nominated album/songbook, PHILADELPHIA CHICKENS (certified Gold by the RIAA.) The film stars Keith Boynton, the original performer of the 'Be Like a Duck' song.


Penguin Lament

Directed by Sandra Boynton

6 min. U S A, 2009

Five For Fighting's charismatic front-man John Ondrasik stars in this moody and gorgeous music video, set in a stylized Antarctica of snow and shadows and WHAT? a lifeguard chair? A delicate and wistful song, beautifully sung, and an understated humorous quiddity, make up this short film. (Plus there are nifty small animated Boynton penguins at the end.) Shot on the RED camera, this is cartoonist Sandra Boynton's second venture into film-directing. The song 'Penguin Lament' was written by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford, for the album 'DOG TRAIN: a Wild Ride on the Rock-and-Roll Side.' For all ages, except 37.


Philadelphia Chickens

Directed by Sandra Boynton

4 min. U S A, 2010

An overenthusiastic, animated music video of the title song from, ‘Philadelphia Chickens,’ the Grammy-nominated Gold record album written and produced by cartoonist, Sandra Boynton and composer, Michael Ford. Two pigs from Connecticut travel down Interstate 95 to go watch the renowned chickens swing-dancing in a park near the Schuylkill River. The original singers of the track, Kevin and Michael Bacon, make cameo appearances, including some fine glimpses of Kevin Bacon dancing beside some serious chickens. (Sandra Boynton's first-ever animation.)


Plus a sneak peak at a newly accepted film that will screen at this summer's RIIFF.

We can't tell you much about the films, other than it is part of what we are calling our "Secret Cinema Presentation." The film runs 107 min.long and centers on the world of popular music and a well-known band and is a story about music, history, fear, and courage.


3:00 p.m.

SHORTS ON THE EDGE: "Secret Cinema" Advance peek at RIIFF 2011

Join as as we reveal five new short films that have been selected for inclusion to the 15th Annual Festival! We cannot reveal the titles, other than to say that they represent an amazing range of styles and themes and are bound to entertain.


For more information about films, dates, and venues for the Roving Eye International Film Festival™, please call 401-861-4445, email: info@film-festival.org


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with special funding from the Edwin S. Soforenko Foundation


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